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Chennai Doctors is NOT an online directory. There are plenty of such directories online but we choose to be different from such companies. This is a healthcare web portal, designed to provide relevant factual information to patients and doctors. We dedicate this site to your success – YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR BUSINESS.

It is our mission to make sure that you get maximum benefit from this site and your measure of success determines the strength of our partnership. We will make sure that we do all that is necessary to develop this mutual partnership, acting on the feedback that you give us to enhance the quality of the site.

You will be invited to contribute your ideas and experience to raise your profile or that of your hospital or company. This will help us, to help and promote you, in many better ways possible. We plan to list your details free of cost to reach patients and all allied healthcare clients all over the world instantly and constantly.

We undertake the responsibility of advertising this site and giving it the world wide exposure that you and your company or organization deserves. We have therefore introduced two styles of listing:

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BASIC LISTING: The information that you provide will be listed on this site free of cost under the right category or specialty. This will make accessing information about you very efficient. We have a QUICK FINDER facility to track your details and please let us know if you have any other ideas to improve this service.
PERMIUM LISTING: We charge a nominal fee for this. The cost is very competitive compared to other types of media. We undertake the responsibility of making this site reach everyone. You will have a separate page to enhance your or your company’s profile. This will be like your own personal webpage, but inside Chennai Doctors. Further details are available on request.
The information about yourself or your company given to us is legally binding information. It is your responsibility to make sure that it is accurate. Chennai Doctors reserve the right to withdraw any inaccurate information or information that may be misleading or damaging to the interests of other healthcare professionals.

This site is protected by copyright. You are strictly prohibited from using, copying, or altering the information on this site, against the interests of any client or healthcare professional. This will be investigated and you are bound by further legal action.

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