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What is Peadiatric Surgery ?
Laproscopy Surgery
Neonatal Surgery
Peadiatric Gastroenterology
Peadiatric Urology
Posterior Urethral Valve
Congenital PUJ Obstruction
Vesico-Ureteric ReImplantation (VUR)
Undescended Testis Surgery
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Peadiatric Urology
Peadiatric Urology is a specialised branch of Pediatric surgery, since 1980.

Nearly 40 % of pediatric surgical cases are pediatric Urology only.
We have separte unit for pediatric Urology

We rotate among our selves to get trained in pediatric Urology periodically. We have twenty five bedded Pediatric Urology unit. We have 3 theatre lists per week for Pediatric Urology. We have state of the art Endo Urology equipments to do Pediatric Endo Urology

Common Pediatric Urology problems are:
Undescended testis Vesical stones Renal Stones
Duplex kidneys Vesico-Ureteric Re-flux (VUR) Hypospidias
Posterior Urethral valves Congenital Hydro nephrosis (PUJ obstructions)s  
Infants with Urological problem present very badly (High fever, fits, loose stools and dehydration). Children with pediatric Urology problem needs detailed history, clinical examination, imaging with USG, CT Scan, DTPA and specilised investigations like MCU(Micturiting Cysto Urethrogram)

I have done more than three thousand pediatric Urological cases.

Congenital Hydro nephrosis :

This usually happens because of a blockage in the urinary tract (Pelvi ureteric junction), during antenatal scanning of 100-200 pregnant ladies, one fetus is found have this abnormality. To prevent kidney dysfunction (Kidney failure) and prevent recurrent UTI. If diagnosed antenatally surgery has to be done around three months of age. If diagnosed later immediate surgery. When the hydronephrosis is getting worse or the kidney function is reducing surgery called pyeloplasty is recommended

Hypospadias :

Abnormal opening of Urethral opening in the under surface of penis, very common pediatric urological problem the incidence is one in five hundred. Treatment has to be done because meatus is not in the tip, the penis is curved, should be done before school going age

My Advice on Common Conditions
Congential Pyloric Stenosis
Habit Constipation
Hernia - Hydrocele
Tongue Tie
Undescended Testis
Wilms Tumour
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