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Undescended Testis

Undescended testis is found in 3% of term boys and 30% of preterm boys.
When the baby is formed in the womb, the testis is initially formed inside the baby’s belly. As the fetus (baby in the womb) grows, the testes gradually descend   out of the body and reach the scrotal sac. When this does not happen, or is arrested half way, the result is ‘Undescended testis’.

What do you see – Presentation
Empty scrotum one side or both sides, can be identify in new born. It can descend in three to four months without any intervention.

When I see such patients, I find…..
Absent testis is observed in the scrotum, bulge in the inguinal region (Hernia with testis). USG of abdomen and inguinal region. MRI scan of abdomen

Treatment why...?...when..?
Infertility; Twisting of Testis (Torsion); Testicular tumour.
Has to be treated before six months of age

Treatment Options
Palpable testis (inguinal region) - Open orchidopexy
Non palpable (intra abdominal) - only laparascopic orchidopexy
Problems : Pain, scrotal swelling

Follow Up care
The patient has to stay two days in hospital , they can take food same day, can go to school after four to five days, all sutures are dissolvable, review after fifteen days of surgery.

My Experience
I have done more than two thousand undescended testis operations.





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