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Welcome to my General Practice
General Practice is also known as family Medicine in other countries. Here the Doctor is a Family Doctor to many families and treat their medical problems over a long period of time. They know the History of various illnesses of all the members of the family and they know them personally too. This helps both the patients and the doctor as the past and present medical history and details of the such patients enables him to treat them better. In some cases, such Family Doctors or General Practitioners, are part of some families and help them in counselling in difficult and stressful times.

General Practitioners (GPs) also known as Family Doctors, have a good understanding of all the common conditions that affect a person. He or She can diagnose common ilnesses and direct them to seek expert advice or treatment from a specialist. Most of the illnesses that affect us are thankfully not very serious and they can be treated safely and successfully. GPs also give advice on prevention of various common illnesses like, Common cold, Diahorrhea, Food poisoning, Back pain, Heart problems, Blood pressure control, Diabetes, and Healthy living.

In addition, they also get involved in Womens and Child Health. Most initial Ante-Natal care advice plus Health Education for a safe pregnancy are provided. Most common illnesses that children have are mostly treated by General Practitioners in Chennai today.
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